What to Look for When Buying Luxury Eyewear

Girl Wearing Sunglasses

Eyewear – aside from being a perfect aid to our vision – is also your fashion statement. It’s not only a way to help you see better, but it also helps to make you look better!

Luxury eyewear brands offer eyeglasses that come in different colours, sizes and shapes, but the style of the frames will not accentuate your look alone. Here are three important things we need to consider when testing eyewear.

Your frame size depends on your face width

When you’re trying on frames, determine if the frame spans the width of your face. Your face is not directly related to your body size – some petite inpiduals can have faces wider than taller or bigger people.

A sign that the frame is too wide for you is when it extends past the edge of your face, while it can be too narrow when you get insufficient coverage from the frame.

Bridge size also matters

You need the frame that sits just right on the bridge of your nose. The frame may not rest comfortably on your face if the bridge is too narrow or tight, leaving a red mark on your face. Meanwhile, a wide bridge will cause the frame to rest too low, and your eyes will have a difficult time looking through your glasses.

Center of attention

Finally, your eyes should be centred in the frame. This is especially important if you have prescription glasses. If the ones you tried on don’t fit your eyes this way the first time, no worries! Adjustments can be done so that your eyes will be centred properly.

It’s easy to get carried away when looking at ads from luxury eyewear brands, but you should remember: don’t be afraid to look around online for eyeglasses. This way, you can find the best pair for your eyes only!