Unique Anniversary Gifts for Men and Women

Couple Celebrating their Anniversary

Just like birthdays, anniversaries don’t go out of style. It is one of the most important dates for couples since it marks the longevity of their union.

But since anniversaries come every year, thinking of a gift that is better than the last one can be challenging. To help you out, here are anniversary gifts that will surely make your partner feel extra special:

World Map on a Cork Board

This, of course, isn’t just any world map. It’s a map that will serve as a chronicle of all your travels. Place green push pins on places you and your partner have already been to, and red ones for your next destinations. The goal is to put as many green pins as you can all over the map. You can also opt for a bigger map so you can place a small photo of every destination you’ve visited together.


One of the oldest yet loveliest gifts a person can give another is jewelry. The tradition has been in existence for centuries, and there is no sign of it fading anytime soon. Jewelry was used as a status symbol by monarchy back in the day, as well as those who are wealthy and famous. Apart from this, it is also a symbol of affinity, which is why husbands and wives wear wedding bands. To make your gift even more special, check out a custom jewelry shop in Salt Lake City, such as AAA Jewelers, and have one created especially for your partner.

Oil Candle Shadow Projectors

Turn down the lights and activate the oil candle shadow projectors to set the mood for a lovely dinner. These candles create a beautiful shadow of a moving tree when the flame moves. You can also light them up when friends are coming over for dinner.

Now, these gifts are lovely but pale in comparison to the reason you are celebrating. Whatever gift you choose, anniversaries make a good time for reminiscing over and over what you as a couple have been through and came out stronger together. Don’t lose sight of that.