The Makeup Essentials of the Selfie Generation

Woman in a car sporting a tanned glow

With the continued love for selfies, there’s no surprise that more people are turning to makeup to cover their blemishes and enhance their features. Though the no-makeup look still prevails as an easy answer to late and lazy mornings, people still want to look their best using the following tools of the trade:

Body Bronzer

Nothing beats that tanned glow that you naturally get after a day at the beach. But you don’t need to constantly be swimming in sunlight to sport the look. Today, a body bronzer lotion from Bali Body can do the trick and leave you with a sun-kissed complexion perfect for those off-shoulder and cropped tops.

Kaia Gerber is just one of the many celebrities who show off their tanned physique with pride, and many aspiring fashion icons will likely follow suit.


People may not want to go for the full makeup when they are pressed for time, but these days, a good highlighter is always part of the daily routine. The highlighter acts as a way to make the face look fresh, accentuating the cheekbones and drawing light to areas where they naturally fall. Paired with a good contour, you’ll find your face looking slim and youthful in each selfie you take. Even men are expected to be more open to wearing makeup in this decade.

Nude Lipstick

Though the call of the bold red lipstick is still hard to beat, nude varieties have reached an all-time high. Many prefer the nudes to complete their daily look, and they don’t stop there. On weekends, you’ll find them donning their comfortable sneakers, cut-off pants, loose tops, and a fresh-faced look. For this, no other lipstick shade works better than the nude. Of course, each person has to find the perfect shade of nude lipstick first, to take full advantage of the no-makeup look.

It’s not a full face of makeup that does the trick. It’s you knowing these makeup essentials and how to highlight your best assets to go for your most flattering look.