New Hair Styles for Hipsters and Millennials

woman having a haircut

There was a quiet revolution that coincidentally happened at the same time the terms “hipsters” and “millennials” cropped up. This was the change and popularity of new barber shops. The barbershop and hair grooming became hip and trendy.

For those who want to do their own grooming, they can buy barber supplies and clippers from reputable suppliers online.

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Hair trends, like all of fashion, is cyclical, and it seems that hair trends are at a crossroads. There are movements for both long hair and the shaved look. Gone is the man bun, but it will take a while for the undercut to go.

The shaved look still leaves hair, it is not bald, or short cropped, just shaved in a way that shows some effort in how they groom their hair. At the same time, there is a growing trend for fashionable, well-groomed hair, parted in the middle with wet-look sleek hair styles.

Hair gel works well for both styles. Both styles bring to fore a rebellious look, which is at the same time pro-establishment — clean cuts but different and unique to the person. These looks don’t always go well with just about everyone.


Another interesting look is having fringes. The hair just falls down the forehead. This is brought about by carefully cut hair of uneven length. It also looks great fresh from the shower, or from a heavy workout in the gym.

The way to pull this off is to have the sides short, and the front long and curly. It also affords versatility in styling for whatever occasion. For those who like their hair long, it’s still a thing of envy. Some women like their man’s hair to be long and flowing loose. It does need a lot of work to pull it off.