Most Flexible Formal Wear Options for Women

Woman choosing over two dresses

Most women have faced a closet full of nothing to wear before a formal engagement, which can quickly become a stressful situation. This is because most formal wear options are custom-made to fit with non-stretch fabric that can easily become too tight. Moreover, unlike men’s suit and tuxedo, women’s formal wear tends to be subject to trends that come and go.

Fortunately, there are some women’s formal wear options that can adjust to the wearer’s size, have a classic silhouette, and can be worn in different ways. Here are some of these that every woman should have in her wardrobe:

The Indian Saree

A Saree is traditional Indian wear for women made up of a flat fabric about two meters in width and five to eight meters in length. It’s dyed in vibrant colors and decorated with ornate trims throughout. These beautiful fabrics are typically folded along the waist, so the size and length can be adjusted.

Also, Sarees can be draped in as much as nine ways to achieve different looks, from a revealing midriff-baring “Butterfly Saree Drape” to a “Mermaid Drape” that suits more curvaceous body types. The Indian Saree brings an exotic look to your evening look that never goes out of style. You can even heighten the luxury of the look by pairing it with beautify jewelry from suppliers like

The Infinity Dress

An Infinity dress is a cleverly constructed dress made from stretch fabric with extra-long pieces attached to the waist for chest coverage. The stretch fabric allows the dress to fit from size small to extra-large, and the chest covers are secured on the waist to provide an even more customized fit.

Infinity dresses come in all colors and prints and can be worn in several ways, from a sexy halter style to a more conservative drape sleeved style. Because of the flowing style of the skirt, most looks achieved give the classic Grecian look that never goes out of style.

If you want to end your pre-formal night anxieties and not worry about whether any of your dresses still fit you or not, get yourself these two formal wear options that will always be ready every time you have a formal engagement.