Family Time: Quality over Quantity

Kids having fun on a carnival

An ever growing dilemma among parents is the need to balance work and family time with the kids. Because of increasing costs and life’s complex demands, people often choose to sacrifice family time for work. However, the people at believe that, when it comes to family time, we should choose quality over quantity.

The Reality of Working Parents

With today’s economy, having one breadwinner in the family is barely enough to sustain the family’s needs. Because of this, parents in most homes choose to both get a job. In some cases, parents may even have more than one job each just to make ends meet.

The Effect of Busy Parents on the Kids

In such situations, parents often leave their children with a sitter, relative or neighbor. Without the watchful eye of their parents, kids receive influence from peers or what they see in the media. The result of this is the growing gap between parent and child, leading to a lack of respect and harmony at home; and in some situations, juvenile delinquency.

Quality over Quantity

Many sources often remind parents that their children’s minds would spell “love” as “T-I-M-E.” But, for parents who find it difficult to squeeze in family time, it is best to ensure that despite the minimum quantity, the time they spend with the kids should be high in quality.

Going Outdoors

A day or weekend outdoors is an excellent way to spend quality time. Take a road trip to a beach, lake, or even better, a water park. Water parks in Albuquerque, for example, offer many attractions the family can enjoy together. The fun rides and delicious foods are brilliant materials for memories to last a lifetime.

While it is the parents’ duty to provide for the family, they should not neglect to spend time with their children. After all, parents deserve to take time off of work to relax. Why not spend that time creating memories with your kids?