Classy and Classic Makeup for Fall

With summer fading fast, fall makeup is starting to make a comeback! Gone are the bright, pink, and generally light shades of summer, as these give way to the darker shades of autumn.  Sticking with darker shades of makeup is always a good choice for the Fall/Winter seasons, as it gives you a timeless look. Here are some tips to creating the perfect fall look.

Bronzer as Blush

Bronzer is usually used to give your face a slimmer look, but did you know that it can also be used as a new shade of blush? Using bronzer creates a glow that’s perfect for fall, but stick to a bronzer with a matte finish for a more natural, “no-makeup” look. Keep it at a minimum and only apply a light layer with a brush. While it’s tempting to shell out money on an expensive bronzer, online beauty stores like Styles For Less offer quality bronzers on a budget.

Vampy Lips

Pulling off dark red lips can be tricky, as vampy lips are already a bold statement in itself. Straddling that fine line between “vampy” and “goth” can all boil down to how simple the rest of your makeup is. Strike a balance by underplaying the rest of your makeup and making your lips the center of attention.

Bold Brows

When utilized properly, brows can be an effective tool in framing your face to look more symmetrical. However, this relies on your ability to maintain a simple and natural look – and that requires tweezing and grooming in just the right areas, as well as applying minimal penciling. Bold brows can also complement vampy lips, balancing out the stark, eye-catching dark red with a subtle and deep-colored brow.

Staying on-trend, this fall requires minimal effort and expense (if you know where to look!), all the while creating a look that’s classically balanced. Keeping it simple and minimalistic, your fall look can be both practical, and stunning, perfect for intimate gatherings with friends, or a glamorous night out in the wildest parties.