A Classic Crown: Three Timeless Hairstyles for Men

Men have always been aware that their hair is a part of their overall style. It only looks like they barely do anything, but however short or long their hair is, there’s a lot of thinking and decision-making that goes into what style they choose.

Many understandably choose trendy haircuts because why not? The modern variations of the pompadour, buzz cut, fade, and side parting seem to be the most popular among men these days. But as much as your new hairstyle belong in this time, it may not fit you as well as you think

If you haven’t considered classic hairstyles yet, you should. Not only are they timeless, you can get them cut almost anywhere. Here are three that you can put in your shortlist:

Men getting a haircut

1. The French Crop

French Crop in a nutshell: short sides and back; slightly longer top. This hairstyle requires minimal effort to groom and fits well with all kinds of fashion sensibilities, from a coat and tie to denim jeans.

2. Slicked-Back

This hairstyle is best suited to guys with fine-to-medium hair accentuated with an undercut or a high fade. The success of the slicked-back hair depends a lot on the grooming products you use. Clay pomades should be your best friend.

3. The Long Hair

Man maintaining his hairIt looks like growing your hair won’t have any cutting to do, but to maintain it, you have to get a trim every now and then. This allows you to see the appropriate style for any length. Also, why even bother growing your hair? If short hair has never been a good fit for your face shape, long hair will do wonders in framing your best features.

There are a couple more classic ‘dos for men. Look at every decade, and you’ll see some styles you can bring back. It may even look better on you than most of the hairstyles you see today.