How You Can Make Your Singapore Travel Budget-Friendly

Man and woman ready to travel Singapore

For 2018, do you know where to travel next? Singapore can be a great travel location for the year ahead. The city-state boasts Sentosa island, renowned restaurants and food places that make up a total of 47 Michelin stars, and six great bars considered among the world’s best.

These rival their counterparts in New York and London. With all that the Lion City has to offer, what more do you want?

Hack Your Budget

Attraction tickets in Singapore can usher you to your first travel location for the year. But of course, your budget will be a concern, as it does for every other traveller. Fortunately, smart budget hacks from expert travellers can make your new year wonderful as you visit Singapore.

You can learn some of them below

Stay with Paper. As you travel, you can easily be attracted to your credit or debit card for purchases. To stay on budget, however, you will have to stick to cold, hard cash. Using cash for purchases can keep you from overspending.

At the same time, you can easily keep track of your expenses

Fly for Free. Have you travelled numerous times in the previous years? You can reap the benefits of those travels in 2018 via miles and points. Your accumulated miles and points can go a long way in helping save on expensive flights.

But you can also catch cheaper flights to spend less of them. You can save the remainder for other trips.

Share with Strangers. Ride-sharing is booming in Singapore, and you can take advantage of that, as long as you love to meet strangers. Ride-sharing allows you to split transportation costs between yourself and fellow passengers, saving you money.

You can ride share with fellow-travellers or tourists to make the ride less intimidating

Singapore can be all the more enjoyable when you have extra cash saved for souvenirs, food and worthwhile services. When you plan your trip this year, aim to visit any given time within February to April, which is the post-monsoon season. Happy travels!