Get a Scrub Treatment to Relieve Stress and Tension

woman enjoying spa

After a hectic week or a busy day at the office, there’s the need to unwind and relax. People generally socialize after work or seek some form of respite, ranging from after-hours drinks to a soothing massage. For those who prefer spending time at a spa, body rubs and scrubs offer an experience that’s both stimulating and relaxing.

Industry experts from companies like Top Spa Supply recommend a body scrub because of its many benefits:


A body scrub is not a massage. It works only on the skin and not on the person’s muscles. Essentially, it’s a facial treatment that can also work for the whole body. The skin is abraded with a concoction based on salt or sugar, with aromatic essential oils and massage oils. After the scrub, lotion or cream is applied to rehydrate the skin.

The scrub is applied by a therapist, and this may cause some discomfort, depending on the size of the granules and how heavy therapist works the scrub. If the application feels harsh, you can ask the therapist to be gentler.

Whole Body, Hand, or Foot Scrub

woman enjoying spaSome spas offer hand, foot, or body scrubs. Hand and foot scrubs are usually offered at nail salons and as part of the main service. Whole body scrubs require a separate room where you would be asked to change to disposable underwear. Your whole body would be covered in the scrub, and then you would shower to rinse off the scrub, or it would be removed with the use of a hot towel.

This is followed by the application of a lotion or cream. The scrub can be part of the whole service package.

If you want a massage, it’s recommended that you get a scrub first. The scrub stimulates the skin and the massage energizes and stimulates the muscles underneath.