Breathtaking Highlights of Singapore’s Mount Faber Tour

Sentosa Signage

Singapore is an excellent country for tourists who want to see the world in an ideal setting. For travellers who have never been to Singapore or any other Asian countries, Sentosa could be your perfect destination. Check out the many sights and services available to you.

Sentosa Island Cable Car Tours

For those who want to get a bit of thrill and adventure in their lives, check out the gorgeous sights through cable car rides available in the most strategic locations in Sentosa Island. The rides are designed to let you get a bird’s eye view of the verdant hillsides and blue beaches. If you are not scared of heights, take a cable car ride with your camera and start clicking. The shots you will take home with you will definitely be worth the cost and time you have spent on your trip.

Nature Walks

What pulls locals and foreigners into Sentosa is the fact that the man-made structures are not built on top of nature, which can destroy it. Instead, it is built to support the natural landmarks like Mount Faber and work with the environment without damaging the beauty of the landscape. This means that it is the perfect place to look at birds, fish, and other fauna that live and thrive in the area. It is perfect for families who want their kids to experience nature and for artists who want to find inspiration.


Food brings people together, and this makes Singapore an excellent place for exploration. Aside from the typical satay, chicken dishes, and beef dishes, you can have a taste of fruits and sweets like the durian and Ice Kacang, a popular shaved ice dessert. This gives you so many food options because Singapore is a melting pot with dishes influenced by Thai, Japanese, and even Indian cuisine.

It is said that you can truly understand the world if you travel. Reserve your budget for a vacation on this beautiful island and see what you have been missing out. You will definitely take home more than just happy memories with you.