3 Types of Pontoon Boats

Fishing boat

A modern Pontoon boat is excellent for parties, family outings, and fishing. They are no longer the grandpa and his buddy’s type of a fishing boat, but instead, they offer sleek finishes and smooth rides all through.

Although you will find pontoon boats in coastal areas, they’re most popular in reservoirs, inland lakes, and rivers. In the modern world, pontoon boats are not limited to fishing activities only. As such, their owners can use them for just about any water activity.

That said, here are the pontoon boats in Michigan that you’re bound to encounter. While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to know their respective duties as well.

Performance Pontoons

If you’re the type who feels the need for speed and cruise, then this boat is your ultimate choice. With plenty of horsepower on the stern, a performance pontoon (also known as a rocketoon) will get you to curve those turns at amazing and thrilling speeds. Performance boats have various classes, so you have the liberty to choose from the rocket fast to the average speed pontoon boats available today.

Water sports Pontoons

While you can tow skiers, wakeboards, and tubers with any pontoon that possesses a high horsepower and a mounting or towing pole, there are particular pontoons categorically designed for water sports. These come with excellent towline mounts, metal sports arches, as well as brackets for boards and skis. Moreover, you can add personalized interior schemes and splashy graphics to match your activities, taste, and preferences.

Luxury Pontoons

These are the ultimate definition of comfort and relaxation. It offers you everything from comfy seats to an arrangement that is nothing short of a spa. Some top edge types have a big chaise lounge, twin engines, full stand up bars, and joystick steering, among other luxurious features.

Armed with the above basics and features, you may now start looking for your dream boat. To ensure that yours remain in good condition, use and maintain it frequently.