The Unexpected Benefits of a Haunted House Holiday

an old abandoned house

Look back into your young adult life and the years before you graduated and had a job. There are plenty of thrills that used to be great fun but you’ve left in the dustbin of childhood memories. It would surprise you to discover just how many benefits there are in being a kid again in a haunted house.

1. It’s fun.

Whether you’re a believer in the supernatural or a serious critic of the unexplained, there’s no denying that getting spooked and seeing others fall over their feet because of a black cat can be hilarious.

Many groups of friends and co-workers visit haunted houses in Minnesota (MN) because it lets them shake off the seriousness of life and just be silly again. With supervision, everyone can safely have fun without feeling stupid.

2. It’s healthy.

Research suggests that intense physical exercise in the gym isn’t the only way to become healthy. A Reader’s Digest article suggests that a good scare, especially in a controlled and aware environment, helps the body produce adrenaline in a way that’s akin to a workout.

This is exactly why you see many thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies looking and feeling great. Fear, in moderation, is a perfectly healthy state that kick-starts the brain and the body.

3. It’s educational.

Most haunted house tours are actually thinly veiled history walks. This is true for much larger, more prominent homes and buildings, especially the ones that have been around for decades.

If you’re a history buff and want to get a good feel of a place without spending too much on museum tours, check out haunted houses instead. If you do encounter ghosts as you roam the halls, then you can consider that a bonus — something beyond the knowledge you would gain during the tour.

As an adult, you realize life isn’t supposed to be all serious and intimidating. There are plenty of thrills, excitement and learning gained from going back to a simpler, less cluttered mindset.