Sheet Shopping: What To Look For In Bedding Fabrics This Summer

White Fabric Bedsheet

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, especially during the stifling summer months. Having comfortable bedding makes a huge difference between a relaxing, uninterrupted snooze and tossing endlessly in bed due to humidity.

It can be a challenge to find suitable sheets when you hit the store and find a dizzying array of fabric choices. Cotton is often the go-to fabric when it comes to comfort, so take care in picking out its quality characteristics for worry-free lounging in bed.

Popular for its soft and breathable quality, cotton should tick four areas for optimal summer comfort: material, ply, thread count, and weave.


For material, advises looking for 100% long-staple cotton for supremely smooth and supple patterns. Short-staple cotton fibers often stick out of the weave, causing the fabric to feel coarser and uncomfortable.


Single-ply sheets are the best as they have the finest and strongest threads, making for incredibly soft and lasting sheets. Some manufacturers boast of thread counts of up to 800+, but high thread count doesn’t always equate to quality – they often consist of weaker and inferior threads.

Thread Count

While thread count isn’t the most important element, it still matters as a measure of fabric quality. A thread count of 200-500 is the perfect spot for any cotton sheet, but scrutinize deeper to personal texture preference. Lower-end options provide a fresh and lightweight feel, while those on the higher end promise a warmer and silkier texture.


The weave is also a subjective factor, which, for cotton, usually comes in percale or sateen varieties. Percale, or a “plain weave,” has a fresh feel and matte finish. Sateen weaves, on the other hand, are known for their trademark silky-soft texture and luxurious sheen.

Checking off each quality mentioned will be a chore when shopping for sheets, but if it means getting quality sleep no matter the weather, it’s worth all that fabric-snooping trouble.