Start From Within: Ways You Can Contribute to Making This World a Better Place

Woman facing the mirrorHow does one change the world? The notion that one has to do something big is universal. But the truth is, it only takes one small step to make a difference. Sometimes, you don’t have to go far.

Here’s how you can contribute to making this world a better place:

Make wise buying decisions

Consumer behavior affects the way our world runs. Supporting companies that practice unhealthy means of producing food or those that encourage sweatshops, for instance, will further encourage similar businesses to continue these abusive means to earn money.

As a consumer, you have the power to say no and give your support to those that strive to make a difference, such as philanthropic fashion brands and organic farms. It’s important to read and research to see which companies are making a positive impact.


You don’t have to go overseas to lend a hand. In fact, your neighborhood can be the best place to start. You can offer your services for free to help curb drug dependency in your area or assist other volunteers at your local animal adoption centers. Whatever form of help you extend, know that it positively affects the people around you, which will eventually create a ripple effect on your community.

Support a charity

Maybe you don’t have time to volunteer because you have a big family to take care of, or kids to attend to, but you can still extend your services by supporting a charity or advocacy. Research carefully and choose the one that’s close to your heart. Afterward, proceed with knowing its development programs and the progress of its projects. Find out what you can do to help elevate its cause even from the comfort of your home.

They say everything should start small. If you want to change the world for the better, you should start with small changes and simple acts of kindness.