Precision Equipment for Hardworking Hair Cutters

hair cutting

If you are a serious hair cutter, hairdresser, or barber, you need the best pair of scissors there is. Some people would easily say that any pair of scissors will do. Professionals, on the other hand, would be adamant in defending the use of quality scissors and other equipment.

Scissor Tech recommends getting all the important tools from a reliable manufacturer or supplier.

The Right Scissors

There are different types of scissors for different tasks. These include thinning scissors, otherwise known as texturising or chunking scissors. These are used to reduce the volume of hair, thinning them out as needed. The regular barber’s scissors are also called regular shears or hair cutting shears. These are the most common scissors used by professional hair cutters.

The least common cutting tool is called the razor shears. This is neither a shear or a scissor because it has only one side. The barber holds the hair in one hand and the razor shears on the other.

The Left-handed Barber

In the case of a left-handed barber, a pair of shears which is specifically manufactured for southpaws is a must. When a leftie starts learning how to cut, he is usually forced to use the right-handed equipment. This leads to hand and wrist fatigue and pain. Scissor manufacturers usually carry left-handed shears. If you cannot find a left-handed shear from your regular equipment supplier, it is time to consider buying straight from the manufacturer.

One result of shifting from right-handed scissors to a left-handed pair is that it may take a while before the person gets used to the proper and natural way to hold a scissor. But the most important thing is that he uses the right piece of equipment to do his job more efficiently.