Give them a Break: Three Events You Can Plan for Your Employees

a team activity

The daily work routine of employees can be stressful and exhausting because of the long hours and the pressure of deadlines. Work can sometimes be very demanding, and employees, at times, don’t have the energy to deal with the job. This lack of motivation may be a sign of burnout.

Burnouts can lead to depression and mental health problems. As a result, the employees tend to under perform.

A good boss cares about productivity, but they also care about the well-being of their employees. Meaning, as an employer, you are also responsible for giving your employees time to breathe and refresh their minds from the daily pressure of work. Here are some ways you can do that.

Team-Building Activities

This event is usually big and often includes all employees from different departments. Team-building activities last for at least one day in a rented place. In Markham, corporate event venues can be rented to accommodate your company.

The activity should include fun games that require teamwork so your employees can build camaraderie with each other.

Seminars and Training

Most often, a 9-5 job requires employees to do the same tasks, over and over again. Give your team something new to learn (and do) by conducting seminars or training. A training session can last half a day or an entire day, and the topic doesn’t necessarily have to be work-related.

For example, you can invite a resource speaker to talk about mental health, gender equality, investing, or career growth. This can also be advantageous to the company because your employees are likely to apply these new learnings when working.

Team Lunch/Dinner

If you are a small company with a few employees, you may want to eat out with the entire team. This makes way for a casual, more personal relationship with your employees. A more intimate bonding session like this makes your employees more comfortable around you and opens up the avenues of communication.

One of your company’s greatest assets is your workforce. Like you, your staff works hard. A little break can go a long way towards satisfaction — and productivity — in the workplace. Corporate events may require some money, but if it means investing in your employees’ well-being, then such activities are worth it.