Five Ways to Lock Down a Good Engagement Ring Deal

Few things compare to the joy of buying jewelry, especially if you are doing it for your lady. However, choosing the right ring can be can be a challenge for the uninformed. With these few tips, however, you can find a real gem, and you need not pay a fortune for it.

Understand the Financial Plan

Many jewelers will offer what seems like a great deal. However, before making any commitments, study the grace period first. When the interest-free grace period expires, you may end up paying very high rates for that engagement ring in Utah.

Buy Insurance

Jewelry seldom comes cheap, so consider taking insurance in case of loss, theft or damage. While some standard renters cover damages of up to $1500, you can find specialized insurers that will offer much more for your jewelry. You insurance agent should explain what options you have.

Study the Return Policy

Every jeweler has different return policies. Before buying any gem, ask the seller to explain their terms in case you want to give it back or exchange it. Many jewelers will not accept jewelry that in engraved, for instance. Those that do will hardly refund the cost of customizing.

Ask the Jeweler about Trade-Ins

If you have older jewelry that you are no longer wearing, ask the jeweler whether they’d take in return for a newer piece. Many jewelers are willing to accept trade-in to help offset the cost of buying jewelry. Some will even accept pieces bought in other stores.

Request a Discount

Many jewelers are willing to offer a discount to shoppers that request for an incentive to make the purchase. You could ask for a discount equal to the cost of sales tax, for example.

Buying jewelry can be fun if you know what you are doing. With just a little preparation, you can get things right from the start.