4 Genius Tips When Choosing Your Signature Jewelry

As a woman of the world, you are probably very particular about your style. That’s the reason every garment you wear has to be just right. The accessories too must stand out, defining your unique tastes and preferences. Your jewelry must forever embody your personal interests, preferences, and mood. So how determine your signature jewelry? Here are four tips.

Determine how often you’ll wear it

The thing about signature jewelry is that you have to wear it frequently. Any jewelry that you wear once or twice a week cannot be considered signature. Start by evaluating your lifestyle before hitting a jewelry store in St Louis, MO to hunt for jewelry. If you are a corporate person who must be in the office every weekday, then you’ll need different signature jewelry than a stay at home mom does.

Decide your type

What kind of jewelry are you drawn to the most? Some people love bracelets, while others are deep into necklaces. It could be that you are a ring kind of lady. Whatever the jewelry you’re most into, make it your signature piece. A perfect way to do that is by choosing to go all necklaces, for instance, or all rings.

Stick to your style

You already have a signature wardrobe, why not make sure that the jewelry collaborates it? If you’re into a classic look, then opt for pendant pearls. For those that are into a vintage look, then bold metals work perfectly. As you select a gemstone, keep in mind that you’ll wear it very frequently, so make sure that it’s versatile and suitable for any situation.

Wear it bravely

Now that you have chosen the right piece for your signature look, it’s time to make it work. Chances are you’ll occasionally feel like you’re repeating the same outfit too many times. Don’t budge to the temptation to change your look. It’s a small price to pay for being the trendsetter you are.

Everyone deserves to be known for something no matter how big or small. If you are fascinated by fashion, then choosing the right signature jewelry can gain you the recognition due to you.