3 Design Tips for People Who Want to Create Their Own Jewelry

Have you always wanted to design your own jewellery pieces? Even if you don’t have the skill set, what’s good to know is that you can always work with a jewellery designer in Birmingham like jewelcast.co.uk to bring your visions to life. Here are some jewellery design tips that can replicate.

Get inspiration from editorial fashion layouts.

While there are many books on jewellery design, one of the best sources are the fashion editorials in your favourite magazine. Bring out your copies and focus on the jewellery designs that A-listers wear. While you can always do a copycat design, where’s the fun in that? Deviate and create your designs using the fashion pieces as inspiration. Don’t have magazines? Use Google!

Get sketchy!

It’s time to sketch those designs. Create several sketches and continue to edit until you’re happy. Sketching out your jewellery designs allow you to do some creative and critical thinking as well before you create the piece or bring them to a jewellery design company for production. Sketching allows you to edit out the parts that seem to work in your vision but it’s feasible in real life.

Be open to mistakes.

Jewellery making is a trial and error process, and even if you’ve made some good pieces before, you can always make some that you don’t like but someone else will. Who knows? What’s important is that you allow yourself the chance to try all the designs in your head and soon, you’ll find the style that you’re more inclined to and then perfect it.

Bring Your Designs to Life

Consider these tips if you’ve always wanted to design your jewellery pieces. If you’re starting out or you don’t have time to create them yourself, make sure you work with a seasoned and reputable jewellery design to bring your designs to life.