Take a Holiday While Getting Dental Treatment

Dentist with patient

Dental tourism is a growing trade, and taking a holiday while getting treatment at a Budapest dental practice is a good way to save money and get quality dental treatment in Hungary.

Budapest is fast becoming known as the top destination for treatment, and there are many Budapest dental clinics catering to UK patients. Access Smile is one such company, with practices in both Budapest and Dublin.

How Dental Tourism Works

It depends on the company used, but often the initial consultation is with the Hungarian dentist Dublin practice. Sometimes a quote can be given after seeing x-rays, without the need for a consultation, or some patients choose to have a consultation at the practice in Budapest. This gives them the chance to take a good look at the practice and make sure they are confident in going ahead with having the treatment there.

A quote for treatment is then given out, and a co-ordinator will help make all the arrangements with the Budapest dental side, including appointments, hotel, transfers etc. Usually the patient books their own flights, which allows for adding a few extra days for sightseeing.

Reasons to Visit a Budapest Dentist

Budapest is a beautiful city with a wealth of historic architecture. Sitting on the lovely Danube river, the city has plenty to see and do in between dental appointments. From cruising along the river to shopping and sightseeing, this city has something for everyone. For anyone wanting to relax, the thermal baths are a must. Take in the impressive palace and parliament buildings, and enjoy one of the impressively ornate coffee houses. Budapest dental patients are lucky to be in such a diverse city.

Common Treatments to Have in Budapest

The most common dental treatments people travel to Budapest for are more advanced things such as dental implants, veneers, crowns and bridges. These types of treatments usually have the biggest saving compared to having treatment locally. Money isn’t the only consideration though. Hungary is known for the high standard of dental training and high-quality materials. With dental tourism becoming so popular, Budapest dental staff are experienced in dealing with UK patients and offer a very good level of service.