Space-Saving Methods to Maximize Your Townhouse’s Square Footage

Architectural details of modern townhouse buildingTownhouses are homes that were designed to be slim and quite rectangular compared to their conventional squared and evenly-planned counterparts. But a townhouse being narrow doesn’t discourage the fact that you can still make a home out of it. For those who are eyeing townhouses as a choice for their first acquisition, here are some pointers that can bring the best out of these narrow structures:

Universal Spaces

No, these do not allude to astronomy or astrology. Maximizing a space’s function enables it to have multiple purposes, hence making it a universal space. knows that a keen sense of imagination and smart choices for your furniture, such as transformable or multi-purpose models, are a big help when it comes to this concept.

Two Is Better than One

Most townhouses have two and more stories that equate to more spaces. Since the next logical move, if you have limited horizontal space, is to look up, make your choice depending on the number of stories you might need. For example, if you have a big family, then it is best to select a townhouse with three or more floors. If you live all alone, you can choose to build a unit with only two floors.

Stack ‘em Up!

Height matters, and since your storage space can’t go horizontal, how about choosing to go vertical? Install cabinets that run straight up to your ceiling. Line up unused spaces with stackable storage bins. Maximize the spaces under your bed and other large furniture with stackable storage bins. Spaces under the stairwells could also serve as an extra storage space or as an extra nook for office or study functions.

Don’t let the size of a house daunt you. Though a lot of times the shape may be unconventional, it also contributes to the unique qualities that these residences have. Also, many modern-day design trends go well with these structures. With these modern upgrades and space-saving hacks, the possibilities are endless.