The Millennial Generation and Its Impact on Our Eating Habits

Friends enjoying dinner together

Here’s an interesting fact about millennials: they easily adopt new consumer habits, especially when it comes to food.

And this generation is driving a market for healthy but easy-to-prepare dishes and dining experiences. If these millennial-driven trends continue, they will potentially change our eating habits.

 The Rise of Artisanal

Delicious sandwhichHandcrafted donuts, pastries, cheese, chocolate, and other foods are often defined as artisanal. These have the natural and authentic qualities that mix finer, fresh ingredients with passion.

Wherever you are in the world, there’s no doubt that you’ve been feeling the upswing of the artisan food movement. Small, niche names in special shops and the rising popularity of prep-at-home delivery businesses are thriving, and we have the Millennials to thank for that.

Healthier Food Choices, Balanced Lifestyle

More and more Gen Y-ers are embracing the many benefits of eating healthy, more specifically fresh, local, and seasonal produce. Those #foodporn and #fitspiration posts on Facebook and Instagram may sometimes be annoying, but some are inspiring generations to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

A number of Millennials are engaging in travel and outdoor activities, which shows the desire to have a balanced lifestyle.

Healthy food

Growing Interest in Home Gardening and Farming

You’re probably jealous of Jamie Oliver as he simply plucks herbs in his mini garden for his recipes. After all, isn’t it nice to grow your own ingredients so that they’re really fresh whenever you need them? Isn’t it nice to cut down your grocery list, and save more money with your own garden?

Urban gardening and farming is all the rage. According to a recent National Gardening Survey, five million out of the 6 million individuals who learned urban gardening in 2015 were Millennials.

Given enough financial support and resources, Millennials can certainly change the way we eat and live—positively.