How to Make the Most of Cucumbers

Person eating sliced cucumber

Most people are aware of the health benefits of eating cucumbers. It is a great way to stay hydrated. It is full of vitamins and minerals to keep the skin supple and the eyes bright. Cucumbers also help lower your risk for many health conditions.

It is no wonder that cucumber recipes are very popular these days. However, the recipe is only as good as its ingredients. To get the most out of this wonder fruit, you should know how to choose, store, and prepare them. shares some insights that will help you get started.

Choosing well

Good cucumbers are generally easy to find. It is firm to the touch and rounded on both ends. The skin is dark or bright medium green and wrinkle-free. If you want more seeds in your cucumber, choose those with thicker skin.

When buying them from a supermarket, you should get the ones in the refrigerated section because they are sensitive to heat. You might also want to go for certified organic cucumbers if you have a choice.

Keeping it cool

You can buy large quantities of cucumbers at a time, so you can have it when you need it. If you choose to go this route, keep in mind that cucumbers are heat sensitive and made up of about 96% water.

To keep them fresh for several days, keep them in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator. Leaving them out at room temperature for a few hours will cause them to become limp. If you cut into one, but do not use all of it, keep the leftovers in an airtight container and use within 24 to 48 hours.

Prepping it for cooking

Most cucumber recipes will need fresh or pickled cucumbers. In either case, you can keep the skin and/or the seeds or discard one or both. In terms of health benefits, keeping both the skin and the seeds is a good idea, as most of the nutrients in cucumbers are there.

If you are worried about the wax on the skin, choose cucumbers with no wax coating or certified organic cucumbers. If the only cucumbers you can get are conventionally grown and waxed, it’s better to remove the skin.

Cucumber recipes are ideal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The health benefits are numerous and undisputed. But you must make the right choices to maximize those benefits.