Four Easy Cocktails for an Easy Night in the House

Colorful cocktail drinks

It’s always nice to have beers in the fridge, a whiskey hidden in some cabinet, or a bottle of vodka for out in the open. In short, having alcohol in the house is great.

But the fun in consuming drinks on your own doesn’t stop when you have a cold one or a tall shot. You can try making cocktails, and give the whole only-the-lonely occasion of drinking by yourself a little flavor.

Your Bare Cocktail Basics

When you search for cocktail beginner guides, you’ll be greeted with a long shopping list of “necessities.” In reality, and to remain practical, the only things you need are the shaker and the shot measuring cup. You may have all the other tools you need to make a cocktail, such as a knife, a strainer, a spoon, and a glass.

There’s no need to be fancy. Just have the ingredients, and you can do all the rest manually. That’s the other joy of making cocktails at home, you find out that the $8 margarita that you always order didn’t cost $4 and some squeezing.

Different cocktails

Four Cocktails on Your Command

Piña Colada

You need: ¼ cup white rum, 1/8 cup coconut cream, 1/8 cup all-purpose cream, and 1 cup of pineapple juice

Piña Colada is the perfect bad day or Friday cocktail. The coconut cream makes it quite rich to drink, and the pineapple provides the zing (or sweetness) that you need that day. You need to shake it vigorously so that all the ingredients will mix along with the two thick creams.


You need: 4 tablespoons white rum, ¼ cup lime juice, and ½ cup sugar

The ever-evolving daiquiri is simple at heart, and that’s how you should make it. Pour all of the ingredients into the shaker, give it a few good shakes, and pour it in your glass. It’s a nice cocktail anytime you’re in the mood for more than a beer.

Green Tea Cooler

You need: 1 ½ parts vodka, 1 ½ parts green tea, ½ part pomegranate juice, ½ part simple syrup, and one twist of lemon

Pour it all in the shaker cup, plus ice cubes, but stir. Taste it after a couple of stirs to ensure that the flavor is still there, and stir some more if the ingredients haven’t mixed well. (Note: simple syrup is just one part water and one part sugar.) Put the lemon last so that your every sip has a tang.

Dark ‘n’ Stormy

You need: One part dark rum, two parts ginger beer

Sometimes, you just need to pour a couple of ingredients, stir, and sit down to relax. That’s your dark ‘n’ stormy. It’s good to use strong dark rum in this cocktail because two parts of ginger beer may overpower a low-proof rum. Top it with lemon slices, and you’re good.

These are best go-to cocktails that you can do in under five minutes. When you just need alcohol in your system but want a little more taste, your night is sorter with these drinks.