Five Foods You Must Swear By in Your Workout Phase

Healthy food

Workout nutrition remains a mystery to most people. Many think it simply consists of less of what they eat, and some think it’s vegetables 24/7. While these aren’t wrong, it’s lacking (even an all-veggies-and-fruits diet). More than that, it’s actually much, much easier to achieve your nutrition goals than you think.

This is why fitness buffs swear by a number of foods that help them keep in shape and on target. They’re not as varied as you think, but it’s enough. And that’s a better deal than cutting away almost everything you eat just to hit a weight goal.

Here are the five foods you must swear by in your workout phase:

Liquid Meals

Before you go “I don’t drink protein,” listen to this first. If you’re working out regularly, protein shakes don’t really increase your mass. They replace the fat you lose with lean muscle weight, instead. So while the scale will show a small difference, you can see the result on your body. And who really cares about what the scale show if you have less flab and more flex?

Furthermore, your body will digest liquid meals faster than physical food. This is why shakes are perfect pre and post-workout meals. Mix it up with fruits and vegetables-based shakes, and introduce yourself to carb powder mix. With this combination, you body gets its energy back, recovers faster, and have less to process.


There’s no other fruit more universally loved in the gym than the banana. It’s the perfect food. It has potassium to help you stave off the hunger shakes, dietary fiber to help you digest food, protein, iron, and carbs. It’s also packaged in a way that you can eat it anywhere.

And if you really have to ask, bananas are very much worth the calories.


NutsNuts are the guilty snack of the fit. Eat two servings per day, and you’ll already consume at least 300 calories. But it’s popular because of its protein, fiber, and carb content. It won’t help you build muscle, but it’s something different. It’s tasty, natural, and packed with other nutrients that can round off your daily diet. Just as long as you keep it under control, nuts can be a staple of your nutrition routine.

Lean Chicken and Fish

Liquid meals are great, but gym rats like chewing too. And there’s nothing more they love than nicely prepared lean chicken or fish. Lean chicken has excellent protein-to-fat ratio, and lean fish has all the fat intake you need. But don’t prepare it bare, make sure to cook it properly so it’s a treat and not a cheat.


Yogurt isn’t as popular as protein shakes or lean chicken in the fitness world, though it’s still a go-to food. That’s because you can mix all kinds of stuff in it, like fruits and nuts. It’s basically a guilt-free food that will help you digest better.

What you’ll like in the long run will vary, as you discover more healthy foods to eat. But these five will always remain in your diet because they’re packed with everything you need.