Essential Mindsets for Stay at Home Moms

Child and Mother Playing

Child and Mother PlayingWhether you are on your maternity leave to take care of a newborn or have decided to stay at home indefinitely to raise the little ones, this season in life can be a crazy mix of pure love and hair pulling frustration with a dash of loneliness and feelings of isolation.

Here are some tips to help you get through the challenges and enjoy your children’s tender years as fully as you possibly can.

Nurture Relationships

Although it’s easy to be so caught up in the frenzy of parenting, it can also be a touch isolating during quiet moments – especially if your child is in the pre-verbal stage. It’s easy to lose touch with friends when you’d rather sleep or take a shower than to go out, but try your best to nurture relationships, especially with fellow parents. Keep in touch with your mom tribe via instant messaging apps or meet new mom friends in parenting groups in social media. Being in constant communication with fellow parents helps put your challenges in perspective and reminds you that everything has its own season.

Include Self Care in Your Priorities

Because they are preoccupied with attending to the needs of the whole family, mothers tend to put their own on the bottom of the to-do list. But this quickly leads to burn out, which inevitably affects the whole family. Make self-care a priority to ensure that your family gets the best of you. Get a quick spa treatment or if you can’t leave home, shop online for small indulgences. Order swimsuits online for that day at the waterpark or the latest makeup palette for the season. Keep your indulgences small so you don’t feel any guilt over making large, costly purchases.

Make Peace with the Mess and Imperfections

If you had a perfect picture of how your domestic life should be and reality does not match up to it, let the ideal go. Make peace with the mess in the home and deal with it when you can. Some days, meals are prepared from scratch and some days, its mac and cheese out of a box. Make your peace, and know that tomorrow is another day.

Everybody talks about the joys of motherhood, but no one talks about the loneliness and frustration that it can sometimes bring. Adopting these mindsets will help minimize the frustration and loneliness in your parenting journey.