3 Reasons Why Filipinos Are Buying Homes in Lancaster New City

A family enjoying together

Living in Metro Manila has its pros and cons. However, as the area gets more and more congested, many people, especially young families, are deciding to move away from the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila living. And one of the popular areas they move to is the new housing developing in Gen. Trias City, Cavite. Here are three reasons why more and more Filipino families are buying homes in Lancaster New City.

Being able to walk to school and work

The traffic jams in Metro Manila are popular the world over. Go online, and you’ll see hundreds of posts about the horrible traffic in EDSA on a daily basis. Given the situation, it seems that walking to school and/or the office is but a dream, but not if you live in Lancaster New City. This family-friendly area enables families to enjoy the health and financial benefits of walking to and from school and the office. You can’t do that in Metro Manila!

Enjoy commercial spaces nearby

Foodies will love the fact that there are plenty of restaurants in Lancaster New City. You don’t have to travel far and wide to enjoy all-time favorites or explore newcomers in the restaurant scene. There are also many commercial spaces near Lancaster New City that cater to families and young professionals who work in the nearby Suntech iPark.

Sending your kids to a good school

Established in 2012, St. Edward School is a private educational institution that is a short distance from Lancaster New City. The school is near the IT hub called Suntech iPark as well as the Church of the Holy Family, which make it an excellent choice for your children’s education if you’re factoring in logistics. St. Edward School offers not only high-quality education but also top-notch facilities.

Moving to Lancaster New City

If you’ve never been to this part of Cavite, do schedule a road trip and imagine how life could be for you and your family if you move to Lancaster New City. It’s a short bus ride from Manila via Cavitex and its accessibility to the airport is also one of the top reasons why people move here. Visit and see it for yourself.