3 Effective Ways to Market Your Beauty and Hair Salon

People from all over the world are starting to be conscious of their physical appearance. They make it a point to regularly visit a beauty and hair salon to have themselves pampered.

However, there are hundreds of salons out there, which means that the competition is tough. You always have to think of ways to ramp up your business. So here are tips on how to properly market your salon to get the right type of exposure—from buying the right Yasaka shears to posting on Instagram.

Use social media

When it comes to salons, social media is your best friend. Most people look for a business’ online page so they can find information about it or give it a rating and review.

Use that to your advantage and create your own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Show your work and boost it to be able to reach your target audience. Once people see how good your work is and how dedicated you are, they will start to get curious and try your salon.

Create a rewards program

This will help your loyal customers spread the word to their friends and family. Plot a rewards program with your marketing team and make sure that it is a hundred percent attractive to your audience.

Here’s an example of a promo: you can ask your customers to post their makeover on social media and add a hashtag to keep everything organized. Once they post it, go ahead and give them something such as a 10% discount or a free blow-drying session when they visit your salon again.

Not only will this keep the word going, it will also help you create a bond with your customers.

Collaborate with another business

Do your research in your area and see which businesses would be willing to collaborate with you for discounts and special giveaways.

This is a great way to attract new customers and keep the loyal ones. Make sure to have a proposal ready even before you start talking to the other business owners.

Buy the right type of hairstyling tools to get your customers’ trust and to give them the impression that your business is run by a professional.