Three Popular Fashion Events in Toronto to Spice Up Your Stay

Fashion ShowBoasting of a population of around 2.7 million, Toronto remains Canada’s largest city. It has been gradually inching its way to the forefront of the North American fashion scene in recent times with some upcoming designers backed by an enabling environment. From the iconic Make-Up Arts Cosmetics (MAC) which debuted in the 80s to Leslie Fremar’s explosion on the scene in the 2000s, the city continues staking its claim to prominence in the global world of fashion. 

As Toronto's reputation as a global fashion center grew, popular events, both local and international, helped shape this growth. Here are three of those events:

Startup Fashion Week (SFW)

Just three years old this year, SFW prides itself in being the only global fashion event that provides support for entrepreneurs who are just starting out in business. Leveraging programs such as conferences, forums, and networking, SFW makes sure that these budding entrepreneurs make a valuable connection with industry professionals. Taking place in early October, SFW already counts among its alumni 18 fashion technology startups, 20 emerging designers, ten wearable tech startups, and over 50 emerging models.

African Fashion Week Toronto (AFWT)

Buoyed by Toronto’s multicultural outlook, AFWT, held in August, is the brainchild of the Fashion Ready Institute and has grown steadily to receive international acclaim. There has been a consistent growth of its community models and designers even as its popularity soars continuously.

Toronto Men’s Fashion Week (TOM)

This event takes pride in being the pre-eminent platform for men’s clothing designers and brands in Canada. The event is staged semiannually in February-March and August. The audience will enjoy contemporary runway presentations, talks, and even culinary delights. 

Toronto’s emergence as a fashion center continues without abating with the evolution of its multicultural foundation. What better way to showcase the gems you purchased from jewelry stores in Toronto such as KAVUT than in a fashion outing with like-minded people? Pick an event a season and have fun!