That’s Bromantic: 4 Signs You’re in a Bromance

two males having fun at party

Ah, the beauty of male friendships — some find it in the straightforwardness and relative stillness of the bond. But it could be better and deeper than that. Such is the rarity of pronounced affection in male friendships that when it is found, many will deem it a “bromance.”

If you are thinking that your relationship with your bro is much like that of Barack Obama and Joe Biden or of Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire, then it’s possible that you’re in a bromance. If you’re not sure, here are some symptoms that may help you identify your friendship.

You’re inseparable

It has surely happened many times: You’ve showed up at the party and he’s not with you. People will then ask where he is, and the same thing will happen to your bro. It’s as if you guys are a package deal.

You cover for each other

His girlfriend asks you where he is when you know that he’s out checking out other girls — and you’ll reason out that he’s with you. Things like this and white lies can happen.

You look after each other, especially every after nightout

Night-outs are a thing, and you have surely gone out more than a hundred times to get drunk together. In fact, you have an unspoken pact that both of you will not let each other die when during these occasions. At some drunken point, one of you might have joked that he will organize a bachelor party in San Diego, CA — and you will still look after each other.

Silence is not awkward

The true measure of a quality and long-lasting friendship is that silent moments are golden. A shallow friendship will prompt a person to fill the silence with words to avoid the awkwardness. But with you and your bro, silence is just fine.

Got a bromance? Take care of it, bro. There’s nothing wrong about it.