Remember to Do These When Getting Your Diamond Repaired

Diamond held within tweezers

Diamond rings are incredibly valuable. If you own one or several of them, experts at Kravit Jewelers recommends having them cleaned or repaired regularly. This will ensure that the precious rocks remain in top condition. There are numerous stores offering jewelry repair, but you have to be wary of certain shops that offer dodgy services. Otherwise, you may risk having your diamonds replaced with less valuable ones. While it’s unlikely for most jewelers to risk their reputation for this, it still pays to be cautious. Here are ways to recognize yours from the rest.

Write down its features

All diamonds may look similar from a single glance, but under scrutiny, you’ll start to see their unique features. Each of them has their flaws and inclusions. Memorize them, and you’ll be able to tell them apart quickly.

Map out the diamond plot

As mentioned earlier, diamonds each have their flaws. Mapping out their specifics should be done under magnification. Experts call this the diamond plot. If you have the certificate to your diamonds, you’ll usually find more details about it in its grading report. You can use the plot to make sure that the diamond you received is the same one you brought for repair.

Learn its carat weight

If you’re already at the repair shop, but you’ve forgotten the exact weight of your diamond, just ask the jeweler to take its measurement and take note of it before you leave. These precious stones don’t typically come in equal carat weights, so it’s a great way to identify yours immediately. Just remember that specific changes and additions of metal and other parts during the repair can affect the ring’s weight.

Replacing a piece of jewelry is a highly uncommon practice in the industry, and most of the time, you won’t even have to worry about it. Nevertheless, learning some ways to recognize your diamond can give you further piece of mind.