Marine Fishing Reels: Learn About the Various Kinds

Man fishing in open water

One of the best hobbies currently world is fishing. You, after all, get to relax surrounded by water and still get some dinner. The key to a successful fishing expedition lies in the fishing gear you select.

One of the must-haves among your fishing gear in Michigan is a reel. This is a cylindrical tool attached to your fishing rod used for winding and stowing. Here are some types of marine fishing reels.

Spinning Reel

This is the most popular reel among most anglers due to its versatility. A spinning reel is kept in a parallel line to the rod on its underside and remains stationary during casting.

This reel is best for a light tackle and bait since it only pulls the weight of your fishing line. Though it is the best option for a novice angler, a spinning reel isn’t as accurate as a bait casting reel.

Bait casting Reel

Also referred to as a conventional reel, this type has a spool located above the rod in a horizontal position. A bait casting reel is a preserve of experienced anglers since it requires higher control, patience and various adjustments.

It is however powerful, durable and has an accurate casting. Typically used for catching heavy fish, Baitcasting reels have strong line forms and handle heavy lures.

Trolling Reel

This reel, unlike other fishing reels, has an off and on release lever, line out alarm and line-braking system. Used in presenting multiple lures over a large area, it angles rather than casts. A trolling reel is for heavy use and can drag over 25 pounds of catch. It is, however, a reserve of experienced anglers.

Your choice of a reel mainly depends on your fishing location. Marine fishing reels have parts resistant to corrosion by salt water and typically hold more and heavier lines compared with freshwater reels. There are however some reels designed for both marine and freshwater fishing.

Enjoy the benefits of fishing by knowing which equipment is best.