Make the Cut, Start Your Career in Hairstyling

Hairdresser practice styling on mannequin head

A career in hairstyling can be repetitive and dull, or it could take a turn into glamour and fame. It all depends on your talent and hard work. Hairstyling is an art, but more so a passion — and you need the right mindset to succeed in this profession.

However, having talent and skill might not be enough to bring you to the pinnacle of your craft — here are three essential things you need as a hairstylist.

The Right Equipment

Every stylist needs a set of scissors — a short-bladed scissor, a long-bladed scissor, hair-thinning scissors, and various other scissors from Scissor Tech NZ for creating texture and blending. It’s very important to choose scissors that fit well with your hand.

Offset scissors and swivel scissors are great options, particularly for your short-bladed scissors, since you will be using them for precision work. Your scissors are your most important tools so you might need to invest a significant amount of money on them.

Knowledge of Past and Present Trends

Most of your clients will ask for a specific style, and there will be those that will ask for a retro haircut. Knowing the more popular styles from the past can make for an easier conversation with a demanding client.

You might not like the style or you think it would look bad for the client, but if they ask for it regardless of your advice — you better do it, and you better do it well.

Knowing People in the Right Places

Yes, knowing someone influential can do you good. This comes with giving your clients exemplary results and making them happy.

Word of mouth is one of the strongest promotions a stylist can get, and as long as you make an effort to build on your craft and reputation — people will start to notice and hopefully refer you to their friends.

Hairstyling is a calling of sorts. You need to love what you’re doing in order to do your job well. With the right tools, knowledge and attitude, you could cut your way to a bright future.