How to Plan Your Best Friend’s Wedding in Four Easy Steps

Bride and bridesmaids on a bed

Weddings are one of the most important dates in anyone’s life. As the best friend, you want to be with them during one of the happiest times in their lifetime.

As much as possible, you also want to lend a helping hand in making sure that everything goes according to plan. These are four of the effective tips that you can follow to help in planning the entire wedding:

Help out in finding a venue

You can agree that one of the factors that affect how weddings will be evaluated later on is the venue. You want the venue to be romantic but practical, private but accessible.

It would be a good idea for you to volunteer in helping out in finding a wedding venue so that there will be fewer tasks for the couple. Go look for a wedding venue in Kent that would be perfect for your event.

Share your experience

If you are already married, your experience in going through a wedding would be a big help. Give some tips to your best friend on how they can save some money and how to make the ceremony as fun as possible. Since you already tried it, they are likely to listen to you.

Accept the bride’s choices

Remember that you are not the one who is getting married here. You have to respect the opinion of the bride as she will be the belle of the ball. The only thing you can do is suggest things.

Do not touch alcohol before your speech

As the best friend, you will be doing special tasks on the day of the wedding. Make sure that you do not touch even a sip of wine until after you deliver your speech. You do not want embarrassing videos of your speech to destroy your friend’s wedding, right?

Weddings must be memorable for both the guests and the newlyweds. This is why it must be organised well, which is why these tips will help.