Caring For Jewelry For Lasting Beauty

Jewelry in a box

Whatever type of jewelry you wear, the exposure to sweat, dust, and products such as hairspray and perfumes can have an effect on them. Some may discolor or even fade, and others may lose their sparkle over time.

You want your jewelry to look as if you’d just taken them out of the box every time. AAA Jewelers shares some tips on how to take care of your jewelry so they can remain attractive for a long time.

Protect Them From Too Much Light or Heat

Exposure to light and heat is not your jewelry’s best friend. Some gemstones may crack when exposed to sudden changes in temperature. Pearls, for example, may fade when exposed to too much light for too long. Some gems dry out and crack if always worn or when kept somewhere hot.

Avoid Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals can be dangerous if mishandled, especially around children. They may also do more harm than good to your jewelry, furniture, and other items or surfaces. Most hard stones only require a dip in water and you can polish them softly with a lint-free cloth. To be sure, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Don’t Try to Repair Them Yourself

Avoid going the DIY route when jewelry needs repair, even if it’s just a loose setting. You may end up scratching or breaking the metal, or worse, the gem. Professionals have specialized tools and techniques for doing the job, so you should rely on them when it comes to jewelry repair in Salt Lake City.

Store Them Properly

Don’t throw all your jewelry into one box. They deserve their own place for safekeeping. Keeping them all in one box without any cushion between them may lead to scratching or even discoloration. Hard stones can easily scratch or even break softer ones, and gems in, general, may scratch precious metals.

Keeping your jewelry looking great is a matter of care and maintenance. Follow these tips to make sure your jewelry lasts forever.