3 Things To Remember For Vintage Piano Care And Maintenance

Piano Keys

For those who have inherited a piano from a relative or a friend, it’s wise to know the basics of piano-care. After all, antique pianos would definitely need more tender love and care than the newer models. Other than regularly polishing and cleaning its keys and body, here are some basic but very essential tips in keeping an antiquated piano in tune.

Regular Repairs and Maintenance

It’s highly recommended that you hire an expert piano tuner (or tune it yourself) to come and visit your Wisconsin home every six months. Irregular tunings would make the piano less susceptible to repair once it does break down. It’s also important to have your piano repaired as soon as you find a major issue with it. The more you procrastinate on calling the repair man the more the damage can affect your whole piano.

An Experienced Piano Technician

Due to the introduction of new technology and modern advances in piano creation and construction, tuning and repairing them have been easier and faster. In most cases, the more contemporary piano techs are not as well-versed with the antique piano models, so you might find it difficult to fix vintage pieces. Steinway & Sons Madison says that it’s best to get expert piano repairs for your classic model.

Proper Placement

Thanks to better home insulation and architecture keeping moisture away from your piano won’t be that troublesome. If your house is not a century old, you won’t need to keep the piano away from any of your outside walls to avoid its wood reacting to dampness and temperature change. Find a spot where it’s dry, constantly warm but isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. Just to be sure, purchase an affordable piano humidifier from your local tuner.

It may seem that owning a well-loved and age-old piano will require more than the standard maintenance. However, having such a nostalgic musical instrument for your family to enjoy is a unique experience that would possibly be treasured for a few more decades of consistent care. Consider this an investment that’s truly worth it.