3 Design Hacks to Save You from Wedding Venue Troubles

amazing luxury decorated place ceiling for wedding reception

No matter how hard you try, there’d be an element in wedding planning that won’t exactly fit your preferences. The venue, for example. You probably went for an affordable events space in Denver that’s okay, but not that stunning. Like other elements in your wedding, these challenges are in fact opportunities—opportunities for creativity and design.

In case you encounter the following venue troubles, take the advice below to turn your simple venue into a stunning one:

Venue’s Chairs and Tables are Outdated

And they probably don’t match your wedding theme and color scheme. This has an easy fix: go for a table and chair rental from Denver, CO. For sure, your vendor would have a range of options, from the classic Chiavari and chameleon chairs to cocktail and high bar tables.
If the budget doesn’t permit though, you could dress the existing chairs and tables. Or, focus on a few items that would redirect guests’ attention from the outdated chairs and tables.

Venue’s Carpet Has Bold Patterns

Of course, the easy fix is to have a new carpet, but that might not be the most cost-effective solution, right? Why not make the bold-patterned flooring work to your advantage? Keep it and choose neutral colors in your tables and chairs. This will result in a complementing look, and it would appear as though the bold patterns were intentional.

Venue’s Space is Too Large

A large space is often a good feature, but if you’re going for a more intimate setting, then this could be a point of concern. What you can do here instead is to break up the space. Create points of interest throughout, like vignettes, or set-ups of creative props that complement your theme.

The bottom line is no matter how average looking your venue is, with some adjustments in design here and there, you can make this space work for you. Ask your wedding stylist how you can better take on this creative project.